Impeach Bundy Judge

Please call your representative in Congress and ask them to impeach the Bundy Judge Gloria Navarro.  The denial of the defendants constitutional rights is really unbelievable.  You can also contact the Department of Justice at:  (If you need some ideas on what to say, see the text below.)

More information at:

Facebook page:

Possible text for representatives or Department of Justice:

Multiple reports are now coming out of Nevada, that Judge Gloria Navarro is denying several individuals their right to bail, their right to prepare a defense for themselves, and even the right to defend themselves where they are prepared.  (The trial(s) are commonly referred to as Bunkerville or Bundy trial.)  Judge Gloria Navarro may be in collusion with agents from the BLM, the FBI, and possibly the Department of Justice itself.  These unconstitutional abuses include denying the right of defendants to call witnesses, present evidence, and even prevent arguments that would show their innocence.   In addition, Judge Gloria Navarro is reported to have been in collusion with the prosecution to intimidate and threaten defendants’ witnesses as well as assisting the prosecution in covering up evidence that would benefit the defendants.   In short, a kangaroo court.  Such gross carriages of injustice should not be tolerated in this country. 


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